Photo Galleries

Add photo galleries with ease and benefit from our unique gallery lightbox.

With the assistance of our shortcode manager, galleries can be added to any pages or posts, without breaking a sweat.

  • Swirl and Twirl 15
  • Swirl and Twirl 14
  • Swirl and Twirl 13
  • Photo by Michael J. Murka Photography
    Swirl and Twirl 11
    (photos by Michael J. Murka Photography)
  • Wine Vendors
    • Red Sponsors
    • Swirl and Twirl 7
    • Swirl and Twirl 5
    Galleries can be added with 5 easy steps.
    1. Create a category to group all the gallery items that belong together.
    2. Add your gallery posts.
    3. Add your gallery category to the post.
    4. Click to open your shortcode manager.
    5. Insert the gallery shortcode.