Lyle Borden


lyleI was born and raised in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia and moved to Ottawa with my spouse in 1981. I have been involved in the LGBT community since first moving here beginning with teaching self-defence on behalf of the Gays of Ottawa organization. Over the years I have been a member and board member of Pink Triangle Services, a member of EGALE, and a member and board member of Ottawa Senior Pride Network (OSPN).

Ottawa has a vibrant and diverse LGBT community that deserves support from all community members. I have attended the Swirl & Twirl since the very first event in the Byward Market and have always been impressed by the amount of work and dedication put into this event by the organizers over the years. Because of the great importance of the event especially that of providing support to LGBT organizations and groups from the proceeds and of the high bar of excellence that has been set, I am very proud to become a member of the Swirl & Twirl committee.


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